Special Effect & Brush Kit


This professional kit is appropriate for television & film. (Tutors Note: trade discounts & customisation options are available with student kits. Please contact us for more information)


Make-Up Apron, Small
Close-Up Creme Foundation Palette, 12 Shades
Character Palette, 24 Shades

Liquid Blood, 50ml
Simulated Stipple Sweat
245 Remover, 125ml
Liquid Latex, 50ml
Adhesive Creme Remover, 50ml
Professional Modelling Wax

Camouflage Palette, 6 Shades
Skin Tint Palette, 6 Shades
Powder Puff x 2

Dry Dirt 10g x 3
Quick Action Powder Blood, 5g
Blood Flesh, 10g
Skin Flesh, 10g
Stipple Sponge, Orange x 2
Stipple Sponge, Black x 2

Smudge Creme Eyeliner
Superfine Translucent Powder, 35g
Blood Flesh Gel, 20ml
Simulated Skin Effects, 20ml
Scar Plastic, 20ml
Simulated Abrasion Blood, 20ml

Cosmetic Sponges, Pack of 6
Head Band
Bruise Gels x 5

Goat Brush, 28
Goat Brush, 24
Synthetic Brush, 1"
Synthetic Brush, 3/4"
Synthetic Brush, 12
Synthetic Brush, 10
Synthetic Brush, 5
Synthetic Brush, 3
Synthetic Brush, 2
Synthetic Brush, 1

*Colours may vary. 

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