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Our Values

We value cosmetics with a conscience!
We are proud to supply you with a comprehensive range of Cruelty Free make-up, in compliance with the Humane Cosmetics Standard.

We were one of the first professional ranges to sign up to this standard. This means that neither our products, or their raw ingredients, have been tested on animals since our cut off date of 1986.

We value glamour & perfection for all!
Make-Up is something enjoyed by all cultures & generations, whether professional or personal. That's why we have always had a full range of colours & formulas, complimenting all skin tones, ages & genders.

Green but Gorgeous: All our palettes have recyclable packaging, but we didn't compromise on style! Our shredder works over time, using our recycled paper to protect your order.

We value Education, Bullies aren't Beautiful: Make-Up is all about enhancing confidence & finding your own unique style. The antithesis of this is bullying where undermining confidence in others is the norm(often because the bully has very little confidence themselves!) For this reason, we have been long standing supporters of the Child Safety Education Fund that provides anti bullying programmes and material to schools.

Barnfield College student work: "Gorgeous Garbage"